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Aiming Point Firearms Academy Inc.’s goal is to bring the very best possible Firearms Training to Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a number of different classes and shooting activities.

Our class offerings have something for everyone, from the beginner to the seasoned shooter. We can help the seasoned shooter improve their marksmanship skills, as well as guide the new shooter through the basic mechanics of shooting.

The practice scenarios, on both our live fire and virtual ranges, include both static targets found on all gun ranges as well as moving targets. Moving targets challenge the abilities of the beginners and the seasoned shooters. We will start you with the very basic scenarios and move you into the more challenging scenarios as your skills improve.

Our Ranges will help the novice shooter develop the basic skills required to safely handle and shoot loaded firearms with a respectable degree of accuracy. For the seasoned shooter we offer training to improve their abilities in firearm handling and accuracy.

Our professional firearms instructors provide individualized training on both of our ranges.

The Judgmental Training Software we employ on our Virtual Range is state of the art. The software is used by numerous police departments around the country and will help you improve your judgment when it comes to the use of Lethal Force.

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